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 What is A Massage ?.. A massage is the activity that is to rub, press or hit with some pace and intensity of various parts of the body for therapeutic purposes, aesthetic or sports.

 Sport, Relax Massage in Jaco Costa Rica

Massage can be considered as a technique, an art or even a science, since it involves matters biological, medical, psychological and other areas. It is believed that massage can help relax muscles, relieve pain and induce sleep.Jaco Massage

Massage can fulfill multiple functions. There are massage therapy (to improve circulation, help to regain mobility and reduce strain), physiological massage (relieves tiredness), sports massage (prepare the athlete for competition), massages (provide comfort and regulate voltage), preventive massage (relaxing a tense area that can lead to injury, etc.).

Importantly:  Therapeutic massage should be performed by experts, otherwise, can harm the recipient. Pregnant women who have just come out of surgery and those suffering from inflammatory vascular diseases or infections should not receive massage.

Jaco Massage

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